Munich Airport

12 Passengers Fall ill on Board 2 Separate American Airlines Flights to Philadelphia from Europe

Twelve passengers on American Airlines flights from Paris and Munich reported experiencing flu-like symptoms.

All 250 passengers and crew on the flights were held for a medical review and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified to investigate.

Amsterdam's Schiphol Scraps Flights as Storm Disrupts Public Transport

Amsterdam's Schiphol airport briefly suspended all air traffic on Thursday due to a severe storm, as gusts of up to 140 kph (90 mph) blew down trees and damaged buildings.

At least 260 flights were scrapped, while trains, trams and buses were halted across the country after the highest weather alert was issued.

Ryanair Announces Their New Destination From Burgas

When in September the Irish airline Ryanair announced the great news that it opened its permanent base in Burgas as the routes are expected to serve over 250,000 customers annually, the news came out for their new destination.

It is about Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania and its former capital.

Wizz Air To Launch New Destinations from Varna Airport

The largest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe Wizz Air will open its 27th base in Varna on July 21, 2017. A brand new Airbus A320 will be stationed at Varna Airport.

The opening of the new base in Varna is an investment to the amount of USD 98 M and will account for 36 jobs, while further supplies and services along the chain will create a further 250 jobs.