Municipalities of Kosovo

Leaders Hail Restoration of Belgrade-Pristina Air Link

Serbian, Kosovo and NATO leaders on Monday welcomed the signing of an agreement to reopen the air link between Pristina and Belgrade that was broken 21 years ago.

US diplomats oversaw the signing of the agreement in Berlin, which will mean flights being operated by Lufthansa's budget carrier, Eurowings.

Kosovo Town Files More War Crimes Complaints Against Serbs

The Kosovo municipality of Gjakova/Djakovica's Office for the Collection and Documentation of War Crimes submitted 102 new criminal complaints against alleged Serbian war criminals to Kosovo police on Monday.

This was the 13th batch of criminal complaints filed by the municipal office in Gjakova/Djakovica about war crimes by Serbs, bringing the total number to around 1,600.

Serbian Police Director: We had information beforehand, we will react accordingly

Rebic stressed that Belgrade is prepared to intervene if an exodus of the Serb people happens, adding that he is convinced that international community won't allow it.
"We are ready to react in case of the exodus of the Serb people, but we are convinced that international community will not allow it", Rebi stated for RTS.

Who are the Serbs arrested in the ROSU raid pertaining to the murder of Ivanovic

They are suspected of being involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Pristina-based Kosovapress reports.
Reportedly, one of those arrested is a police investigator in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, Rade Basar, who has been investigating the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and is suspected of hiding evidence.

ROSU units with 25 armored vehicles raid Northern Kosovo

The reason for the incursion is unknown, reports Prva TV reporter. It is also unknown where they are currently located.
According to unofficial information, a Kosovo police officer has been detained in northern Kosovo. A correspondent from Prva TV from Pristina also reports that the local media have no additional information.