Municipalities of Kosovo

BIRN Fact-Check: What Will the Serbia-Kosovo Energy Deal Achieve?

Secondly, the Kosovo authorities will have access to the Valac/Vallaq substation, an important part of the country's power grid that is located in a Serb-majority municipality, and other energy infrastructure that Pristina was not able to access previously.

Serbs to pay bills to Serbian company

Armed ROSU special forces in North Mitrovica VIDEO

The vehicles are stationed near the eastern bridge that divides South and North Mitrovica, and members of the ROSU are armed with long barrels. The situation is calm at the moment.
Namely, this morning, the Kosovo Police announced that the vehicles of the border police in the village of Zupe in Zubin Potok were shot at.

Kosovo Promises to Probe Alleged Theft From Restored Castle

Kosovo's Ministry of Culture has pledged to investigate claims made in a scientific paper published in Serbia at the end of 2021 that archaeological items were stolen from the medieval castle of Novoberde/Novo Brdo in Kosovo during its restoration in 2015 and 2016 by a company from Belgrade.

Concern over ‘Uncontrolled’ Security Cameras in Serb- Dominated North Kosovo

There are two close to the bus station in North Mitrovica, several in Zvecan and others in a village of Zubin Potok.

But while, by law, security cameras directed at public streets should be the sole responsibility of Kosovo's police force, dozens observed by BIRN in three Serb-majority municipalities in the country's north are not apparently under anyone's control.

Kosovo’s Forensic Investigators: ‘We are the Voice of the Dead’

"The bodies had been thrown into the grave mercilessly and hurriedly. When I first touched the remains of a body, I shuddered with horror. It seemed to me that each of them was telling me his own history of his death. It was something surreal," Gerxhaliu told BIRN.

Ivanovic Murder Trial Witness Avoids Naming ‘Threatening’ Serb Criminals

Ksenija Bozovic, who was the vice-president of Oliver Ivanovic's Freedom, Democracy, Justice party, declined on Tuesday to tell Pristina Basic Court the names of organised criminal groups which the slain politician warned her about before his murder in Mitrovica in Kosovo in January 2018.

Serbs rejected the proposal; Ursula in Belgrade, negotiators in Brussels

The roads Leposavi - Raka and Ribarii - Zubin potok were blocked for traffic on the tenth day, and the situation at the crossings is calm. The mayors of the Serb municipalities in the north of Kosovo and Metohija rejected the proposal of the KFOR commander that the units of the special Kosovo police be replaced by KFOR soldiers, and that the decision on temporary registrations remain.

Serbian flag removed VIDEO

The video of Kosovo online shows a member of the fire brigade who climbed the antenna pole, removed the Serbian flag and threw it at the foot of the repeater.
The flag of Serbia was placed on the MTS repeater in Vrbovac two days ago.
Let us remind you that the slogan "UCK", written on the wall of the house in Klokot three days ago, still stands.