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Madonna at 60: A Career of Highlights and Controversies

"People say I'm controversial," Madonna, who turns 60 on Wednesday, told an audience of music-industry peers in 2016. "But I think the most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around."

From a career spanning decades, these are just a few of her most inconic, her most controversial and her most inventive moments.

Battling ageism

Montreal Model and Artist Known as Zombie Boy Dead at 32

Montreal model and artist Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, has died, police sources have told Radio-Canada. Genest was 32.

Genest came to the public's attention after tattooing his body from head to toe, including images of a skull and brain on his head. He holds a Guinness World Record for most insect tattoos (176) and another for most human bone tattoos (139).

Burials of Greece's wildfire victims begin

Funerals for victims of Greece's lethal wildfire have begun, with the burial of an elderly priest who drowned as he sought safety from the flames in the sea off the Mari coastal resort.

Hundreds attended Father Spyridon Papapostolous funeral Saturday in his parish of Halandri, a northern suburb of the Greek capital, AP reported.

Turkey welcomes tourists with guide dogs

As the president of Turkey's Guide Dog Association, I often need to travel locally and internationally to promote our work. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to visit these places and connect to the people who live there. As a visually impaired traveler, visiting an unfamiliar place can cause me some anxiety if it does not have the facilities to accommodate me.

Music Pulitzer goes to rapper Lamar, fiction prize to 'Less'

Pulitzer judges upended decades of tradition by awarding its music prize on April 16 to Kendrick Lamar for his rap album "DAMN.," a sharp departure from the classical and jazz works the body have consistently favored. The decision, which drew praise and surprise online, quickly overshadowed other arts winners, including Andrew Sean Greer's win in the fiction category.