Vicky Moscholiou Tribute | Athens | January 29

The Athens Municipality's Greek Music Workshop presents a tribute to Vicky Moscholiou (1943-2005) with a concert of some of the most iconic songs she performed over the course of her lengthy career working with the country's top composers and musicians. The concert tribute at the Olympia Theater features vocalists Lena Alkaiou and Erofyli and starts at 8.30 p.m.

Courier Company Speedy Buys an IT Company for BGN 3.9 Million

After Speedy courier company received permission to merge with its competitive company Rapida Express and Logistics in the beginning of 2019, the company announced a new deal. From the official announcement of "Speedy" to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) it is clear that the company has acquired 100% of the software company "OMG Mobile".

Signs of Sofia: I Want to Believe that I Give a New Sip of Art in Sofia

*This interview originally appeared on the website on January 18, 2019


Da Vidci says he does not want his own name to be heard. He wants his art to speak for himself more strongly. So this article is not about him, but about Signs of Sofia.

What does Sofia look like in your eyes?