Sibel Can: A voice that can't be limited to one style

One of Turkey's biggest divas, Sibel Can has just released her 21st album covering the biggest hits of the Arabesque genre, particularly anthems from stars like ?brahim Tatl?ses and Müslüm Gürses. 

Arabesque has always been a controversial style in Turkey, having attracted heavy criticism for its sublimation of pain and suffering in love. 

Islam rejects terrorism, head of Turkish Religious Affairs tells American Muslims

American Muslims should not apologize for terrorists who claim affiliation with Islam, Turkey's head of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Görmez said March 1 at a sermon in the newly built Diyanet Center of America in Maryland, some 21 kilometers from Washington D.C.

'Anti-theist' murders at Chapel Hill

On Jan. 10, three American college students were murdered at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Unmistakably, they were all Muslims: Deah Shaddy Barakat (23), Yusor Mohammad (21) and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha (19). And again unmistakably, their murderer, a 46-year-old man named Craig Stephen Hicks was a self-declared ?anti-theist? who wanted to see ?religion go away.?