Ex-Financial Minister Velchev - Proposed Ministers by Slavi Trifonov Are Not Puppets

"I know about half of the announced candidates for ministers by Slavi Trifonov and I definitely do not think that they depend on anyone's instructions."

They are successful professionals who do not need to be puppets of anyone in this phase of their careers, "former Finance Minister in the NDSV government Milen Velchev told BNT today.

The Carousel: How a Moscow Bank Made Big Loans to its Serbian Owners

According to BIRN's findings, Vojin Lazarevic, Toplica Spasojevic and Obrad Sikimic used a system of double booking to avoid Russian Central Bank scrutiny of the fact that the bulk of the bank's loans - paid for out of deposits of the Serbian National Bank, NBS - were going to their own companies.

Balkan Lake Ohrid Under Threat From Loss of Reed Belts

The reed destruction between Struga and Kalishta has intensified over the last three to four years; UNESCO has warned repeatedly that without serious action, the lake and its surroundings risk losing the prestigious status of world heritage site both in terms of culture and nature and being reclassified as an "endangered heritage site".