Creating real starship troopers will add to existing $45 billion military space budgets

A US congressional committee is proposing that the US armed forces add a new military branch called the United States Space Corps. If this is passed it would be the first new branch of the armed forces since the Air Force was created in 1947.

Japan plans to send astronaut to the Moon by 2030

Japan has revealed  ambitious plans to put an astronaut on the Moon around 2030 in new proposals from the country’s space agency.
This is the first time the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has said it aims to send an astronaut beyond the International Space Station, an agency spokeswoman told AFP on Friday.

It’s official: Humans are going to Mars

Humanity has been fascinated by Mars since long before we stepped foot on the Moon. Our planetary neighbor has been the subject of innumerable works of sci-fi and inspired countless dreams of adventure and exploration. Now, after decades of determination, research, and scientific breakthroughs, we’re finally ready to do it: humans are going to Mars. Really.

NASA live-stream on alien life and Saturn under way (watch live)

For all those that have devoted their lives trying to prove the existence of alien life form it would be a good idea to tune in to NASA’s press conference at 9pm (Greek time), as it is scheduled to reveal information it has collected regarding Saturn and alien life on Thursday.