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Bulgaria: Rotation of the Chairman of Parliament - The First one will be Rosen Zhelyazkov

Rosen Zhelyazkov to be elected chairman of the 49th National Assembly. If the parliament works for more than 3 months, it is possible to have a rotation based on a gentleman's agreement between GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria.

The Second Day of the First Meeting of Bulgaria’s Parliament lasted Less than a Minute

The election of the Speaker of the National Assembly is postponed until after Easter.

After yesterday's false start with the election of the chairman of the 49th National Assembly, today the deputies gathered again in the plenary hall in an attempt to repeat the election.

Bulgaria’s President: The 49th Parliament has been Assigned a Fateful Role, the Budget is a Primary Task

"The 49th National Assembly has been assigned a fateful role. We all expect that it will make long-awaited decisions not only about the way out of the political crisis, but also about defending the European perspective of the country and the future democratic society." This was stated by President Rumen Radev in his address to the new deputies from the rostrum of the plenary hall.

Bulgaria: The 49th National Assembly convenes for its First Session Today

On Holy Wednesday - start of the 49th National Assembly. Today, the deputies will gather at a solemn meeting, which will be presided over by the oldest member of parliament.

As in the previous parliament, it is Vezhdi Rashidov in this one as well.

After taking the oath, the deputies must also elect the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly.

The Ambassadors of Russia and Belarus are Not Invited to the First Session of Bulgaria’s Parliament

Ambassador of Russia Eleonora Mitrofanova and interim director of the embassy of Belarus Nikita Leshukov are not invited to the first session of the 49th National Assembly, reported Bulgarian media "Dnevnik". It was scheduled by President Rumen Radev for Wednesday, April 12.

Distribution of the Seats Based on Exit Polls by Four Agencies

The first results of exit polls taken by the four sociological agencies registered with the Central Election Commission show the following distribution of the 240 seats in the Bulgarian Parliament after Sunday's elections:

Alpha Research

Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) 71 MPs


Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) 38 MPs