National Assembly

Bulgarian Parliament Rejects Proposed Limitation of Sanctions on Russia

The Bulgarian Parliament rejected the proposal of the opposition BSP party to discuss the possible limitation of further EU sanctions against Russia on Wednesday.

Last week, the parliament similarly refused to include the discussion of the proposal in its weekly agenda.

VBA did not breach law, heated debate at committee meeting

BELGRADE - The Military Security Agency (VBA) did not violate any laws, and Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic failed to provide strong evidence that leaders of trade unions, high-ranking party officials, prosecutors and judges were under audio surveilance, the Serbian parliament committee for monitoring security agencies has concluded.

Parliament speaker satisfied with legislators' performance

NOVI SAD - Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic has said that this year's work of MPs has been very dynamic and efficient, adding that over 100 laws have been adopted and a number of international agreements ratified, while the parliament has been an active agent in the EU integration process.

Government adopts 2014 budget revision bill

BELGRADE - The government of Serbia adopted on Friday the Bill amending and modifying the 2014 budget law and forwarded it to the Serbian parliament for debate under urgent procedure.

The aim of the bill is to re-direct the significant budget savings achieved this year into meeting overdue obligations and debts, the participants said after the meeting.

Nikolic: Savings measures are vital to economic recovery

BELGRADE - The government is implementing economic measures in extremely difficult conditions, but the Serbian citizens have understanding for these measures because they are crucial to the economic recovery of the country, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said during a government meeting discussing savings measures in the budget for the coming year on Friday.