Natural disaster

Natural disasters caused by men cost $44 billions

This was announced by Swiss company for reinsurance, Swiss Re.

At that time, at least 5000 people lost their lives to natural disasters. Insurance companies covered up $19 millions, since only 42% of total losses were insured.
The damage of $40 billions has been made in natural disasters, while men is responsible for the remaining damage in the amount of $4 billions.

Bulgarian Cabinet Adopted the Annual Report of the Council for Disaster Risk Reduction

Speaking to journalists on 19th of June, the Minister of the Interior Mladen Marinov explained the good practices that the agencies apply. He emphasized that the weather over the past few months was bad with heavy rainfalls, hailstorms and storms, reports BNT

The Number of Victims in Guatemala Reached 99 People

The number of victims after the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala reached 99 people, reports bgnes.

Earlier, it was clear that only a few dozen people were missing in this area, but total number reached more than 190 people. The impact of the natural disaster affected more than 1.7 million people,  a three-day national mourning was declared in connection with the tragedy.

A proposal to save Istanbul

The irresistible charm of rent has steadily increased the amount of land in Istanbul zoned for housing, construction and the human population.

If necessary precautions are not taken quickly, the existing forest assets will never be enough for a healthy life. The risk of natural disasters stemming from pollution, droughts and floods will only increase.