Natural environment

From California to Mount Olympus and Greece’s seas

Thanos Davelis caught up with Larry Notheis, the Chief Deputy Director at the California Conservation Corps, on the sidelines of the "Our Ocean" conference in Athens to look at how the California Conservation Corps model can be applied in Greece, and how these partnerships can make a difference in protecting the oceans, preventing and fighting wildfires, and more. 

Climate change a looming threat to antiquities

Rising temperatures, extended heatwaves and drought are making the impact of climate change felt all over the world.

Now, the first study in Greece examining the effect of climate change on the future microclimate of historical monuments and artifacts shows us how extreme weather events will also impact the country's cultural heritage.

Beer cans bear witness to animal extinction

Slovenian microbrewery Bevog and the National Institute of Biology have joined forces to raise awareness of endangered animal species. Bevog is rolling out a limited collection of beer in cans depicting animals at risk of extinction to support research of endangered grassland ecosystems with a donation to the institute.

Plan unveiled for regeneration of burned forest areas in Mount Penteli

Authorities on Friday presented a plan for the restoration and recovery of forest areas on Mount Penteli that were devastated by a wildfire in July 2022. The plan was unveiled by Deputy Minister of Environment George Amyras and Mayor of Penteli Dimitra Kechagia at the local municipality.

‘Sponge cities’ to be established for water efficiency

The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is planning to use a new "sponge city" concept that absorbs rain waters within the scope of water efficiency measures on a national scale.

Within this scope, ecological infrastructure and drainage systems will be created in cities, and roadsides or sidewalks will be covered with surface coatings that allow water to pass through.

Greece’s new energy challenge

Besides its aging population, Greece's assets are also showing signs of wear and tear. The European Parliament voted this month to impose a carbon tax on both housing and transport, but statistics point to a very serious problem in the deterioration of the quality of property and vehicles in this country.