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Indonesia Declares a Trade War to the European Union

Indonesia, which is the largest producer of palm oil, plans to raise the import duties on dairy products from EU countries to 8-18 percent.

The intention of raising the tariffs was announced by the Minister of Commerce of the Asian country Enggartiasto Lukita. The measure is in response to the Union's plan to impose similar duties on Indonesian palm oil biodiesel, he added.

Bulgarian Parliament's New Website will Cost BGN 25 000

The National Assembly will have a new and more modern website. The public contract for its construction has already been announced. Parliament has budgeted over BGN 100,000 in the summer months, bTV reported.

During a scandal involving leaked personal data from the NRA, prosecutors announced that parliament was also targeted by hackers. Or rather, its sprinklers.

Humanity Lives on an Eco-Credit

From today, humanity lives on an eco-credit because it has already used all of the planet's natural resources this year. This is two months earlier than 20 years ago, according to a calculation of the non-governmental organization Global Footprint Network.

Now humanity uses natural resources 1.75 times faster than ecosystem recovery capacity, scientists warn.

Bulgaria Is the Leading Producer of Organic Rose and Lavender Oil in the World

The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a National Plan for the Development of Organic Farming until 2027. The goal is to establish this country as leader in a number of bio-products. The sustainability of small organic farms will be promoted through their cooperation. Opportunities for free counseling and professional training for bio-farmers are being launched.