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Exxon hid the truth for 50 years

Numerous internal documents and scientific research have already shown that "Exxon" was very well aware of the dangers caused by global warming as early as the early 1970s, with solid evidence that the oil industry knew about the risk even earlier - as documents from the 1950s show.

New era begins in energy efficiency for buildings

A regulation that came into force as of Jan. 1 ushers in a new era in energy efficiency in buildings in Türkiye.

According to the regulation, all buildings to be constructed larger than 5,000 square meters in size will be required to be B energy efficiency class and meet 5 percent of energy they consume from renewable resources.

96% of Humanity has Felt the Impact of Global Warming

Whether they realize it or not, some 7.6 billion people - 96% of humanity - have felt the impact of global warming on temperatures in the past 12 months, researchers say.

But some regions have felt it much more strongly and more often than others, according to a report by Climate Central, a climate science think tank.

Heat waves cost poor countries the most, exacerbating inequality

Heat waves, intensified by climate change, have cost the global economy trillions of dollars in the last 30 years, a study published Friday found, with poor countries paying the steepest price.  

And those lopsided economic effects contribute to widening inequalities around the world, according to the research.