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Greece faces EU fine over hazardous waste

The European Commission has asked the European Court of Justice to fine Greece for its failure to manage hazardous waste.

Previously convicted by the court in 1999 for failing to comply with the EU?s landfill directive, Greece could pay 17.7 million euros in fines, plus a daily penalty of 8,096 euros until it solves the problem.

Govt cancels special rise in electricity bills

The Ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy is cancelling the increases to the special duty for the reduction of gas emissions (ETMEAR) which had been decided by Greece's power regulator RAE. The amendment concerning this is to be included in the first draft bill to be submitted to Greek Parliament.

Bulgaria's Wind Power Capacity Installed in 2014 at 10.1 MW

Wind farms with a total capacity of 10.1 MW were installed in Bulgaria in 2014, according to the annual Wind Energy Barometer report of EurObserv'ER.

EurObserv'ER is a consortium dedicated to the monitoring of the development of the various sectors of renewable energies in the European Union.

The EurObserv'ER Barometers Project is supported by the European Commission.

Time now to act on looming water crisis, UN warns

Without reforms, the world will be plunged into a water crisis that could be crippling for hot, dry countries, the United Nations warned March 20.

In an annual report, the U.N. said abuse of water was now so great that on current trends, the world will face a 40-percent "global water deficit" by 2030 -- the gap between demand for water and replenishment of it.

Humans have whizzed through four of 9 limits that keep planet safe

Scientist Johan Rockström says humanity has whizzed past four of the nine boundaries that keeps the planet hospitable to modern life. He points to the human civilization's transformation of the landscape as people have cut down forests and grown crops, all the time creating pollution and creating extinction for other species.