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Govt abolishes two duties to cut diesel prices along motorways

Ljubljana – The government adopted Thursday two regulations to temporarily abolish two environmental duties on diesel at service stations on the motorway network, where prices are fully liberalised. The measure to lower the price of diesel to help hauliers will take effect on Friday, while retailers are expected to adjust their margins in a few days.

Sofia: A Protest against High Fuel Prices is planned for Today

A national protest against high fuel prices was organized, on social networks, for today in the Bulgarian capital.

It is planned to start at 4 p.m. Bulgarian time on Alexander Nevsky Square in Sofia. The citizens' demands are that the prices of diesel and petrol be below BGN 2 and gas below BGN 1.

Bulgaria: Fuel Prices with a New Peak, Petrol and Diesel reach BGN 3.50 per Liter

Prices per liter of fuel jumped again, and at the main and largest gas stations, they vary. For a liter of A95 petrol, drivers pay between BGN 3.32 and BGN 3.43, respectively, and for a liter of regular diesel, the amount ranges from BGN 3.43 to BGN 3.58.

Petrol prices to rise more than 10% on Tuesday

Ljubljana – The prices of regular petrol and diesel at pumps outside motorways will rise by nearly 20 cents a litre on Tuesday. Regular petrol will cost EUR 1.755 a litre, up from EUR 1.56, while diesel will cost EUR 1.848 a litre, compared to EUR 1.668 at the moment. The new prices will remain in place until 4 July when they are adjusted again.

Germany races to stockpile gas before winter

Germany's race to wean itself off Russian energy and stockpile enough gas before winter is playing out largely hidden from view, some 1,600 meters below ground in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.    

The former Bierwang natural gas field in Unterreit serves as one of Germany's largest underground gas storage facilities.  

New ministers to join forces in tackling energy price hikes

Ljubljana – The new infrastructure minister, Bojan Kumer, announced on Thursday that he and Economy Minister Matjaž Han would appoint a task force on Monday to deal with energy price hikes. “The energy price hikes need to be addressed immediately,” Kumer said as he took over from his predecessor Jernej Vrtovec, adding that the new task force would be in charge of that.

Electricity and natural gas prices hiked

Authorities have announced hikes in electricity and natural gas prices for households as well as industrial users.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) said in a statement that electricity prices for households and industry were increased by 15 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

The new tariffs took effect as of June 1.

Deputy PM: Bulgaria will Request a Temporary Exemption from the Oil Embargo against Russia

"Purely technologically, Bulgaria can do without Russian oil, but this would significantly increase the cost of fuel. Therefore, if the European Commission allows exemptions [from the oil embargo], we will exercise our right to request such an exemption as well."

This was stated by Finance Minister Asen Vassilev in an interview with the weekly "Capital".