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1/3 of the Signals for Dangerous Foods in the EU are from Bulgaria

"In 2 and a half years, Bulgaria has sent 660 notifications to the EU about dangerous foods. 85% of them are for imports of food from Turkey and as many pesticides. Bulgaria is one of the countries with the most signals, 1/3 of all in the Union. Turkey ranks second in the number of notifications for dangerous foods ".

Crops and Carcinogens: Kosovo’s Market for Unsafe, Illegal Pesticides

The bloc's Chemical Agency had classified the fungicide as a carcinogen, meaning it causes cancer, and ruled it unsafe for use.

Three years later, in Kosovo, seven euros will buy a farmer enough Daconil for 10 litres of irrigation water, according to the findings of a BIRN investigation, even though the country removed it from its list of approved pesticides.