Curbing land degradation key to ending desertification

The first thing to be done in the fight against desertification is to prevent land degradation and then engage in restoration that rehabilitates the destroyed land, experts said. Caused primarily by human activities and climatic variations, desertification directly affects human life and the sustainability of the planet.

Weather Forecast: Precipitation and Probability of Hail Today, June 17

The atmospheric pressure during the day today will remain almost unchanged - lower than the average for June. The clouds will be more often significant.

There will be short-term precipitation, accompanied by thunderstorms, in more places and more intense in the afternoon. The probability of hail also remains increased.

ANM issues Code Yellow advisory for storms valid nationwide on Friday

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued on Friday a Code Yellow advisory for storms, valid in the entire country from Friday to Saturday morning. Thus, until Saturday, 10:00hrs, on relatively extended areas, there will be periods of atmospheric instability, with frequent thunders, torrential rains, hail and storms.

Yellow Weather Code in Bulgaria: Cloudy, Rainy and Possible Hails on June 11

Today the clouds will be more often significant, cumulus and cumulonimbus. In many areas there will be precipitation, in places intense, accompanied by thunder and temporary intensification of the wind, hail is possible.

In this regard, the NIMH weather forecasters have announced a yellow warning code for dangerous weather for the entire territory of the country.

Halkidiki fire brought under partial control

A wildfire that broke out on Wednesday afternoon in a forested area of Sithonia, one of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki, northern Greece, was brought under partial control a few hours later, the fire service said.

A 30-strong team of firefighters with 11 vehicles is in the area of Pigadakia since the start of the blaze.

A strong storm again: Rain and hail hit Belgrade causing collapse of road traffic

The Belgrade settlement of Karaburma was hit by the hail.
The storm also caused a collapse on the roads, and the Highway to Zagreb is crowded in both directions, causing heavy traffic from Zmaj to Konjarnik.
Center of Belgrade is also affected, as well as New Belgrade.

The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 10th

Before noon it will be mostly sunny, in the afternoon there will be cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and in many places there will be short-term, temporarily intense rainfall and thunderstorms. In places in Western Bulgaria the quantities will be significant. There will be conditions for hail. There will be almost no precipitation in the eastern regions of the country.

Energy for Nature: Protection of Endangered Species with Care for Biodiversity

A few days ago, poachers shot Ultron. Not the villain from the Marvel comics but a black vulture donated by the Belgian Plankendel Zoo to Bulgaria. The bird was released in 2019 with high hopes of it helping bring this endangered species back to Bulgaria's natural habitats - something that our experts have been fighting for the last 30 years.