Due to the Severe Forest Fires in Canada - Authorities are giving out Free Masks in New York

Tens of millions of North Americans are at risk of poor air quality from raging wildfires in Canada.

Authorities in New York are starting to distribute free masks today. In a phone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Joe Biden offered additional help to deal with forest fires.

Large wildfire breaks out in central Greece

A large wildfire broke out in a forested area northeast of the city of Larissa, in central Greece, the Fire Service said on Monday.

The blaze is located near the village of Kypselohori. 

Units of the Fire Service are on their way while it has also requested the assistance of aerial means to limit the spread of the fire. 

Weather in Bulgaria: Mostly Sunny, Rain expected in the Afternoon

In the morning hours today, there will be reduced visibility in places in the lowlands and valleys. It will be mostly sunny during the day. After noon, there will be temporary increases in cloudiness over the mountainous regions in Western Bulgaria, and in some places there will be rain and thunder. There will be light, in the eastern areas, to moderate wind from the east.

Weather in Bulgaria: More Sun and Less Rain on the Last Day of May

The minimum temperatures will be between 10°C and 17°C, and the maximum - between 21°C and 27°C, in Sofia - around 22°C.

Sunny weather will prevail before noon. Around and after noon, cumulus clouds will develop in the western half of the country, and mainly there will be precipitation and thunder. Hail conditions remain. A light wind will blow from the east-northeast.

Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny, in some places with Rain today

Maximum temperatures will be between 22°C and 27°C, in Sofia - around 22°C.

Again, cumulus-rain clouds will develop in many places in Bulgaria and there will be precipitation and thunder. Hail is also expected. There will be almost no precipitation in the western and central regions of the Danube Plain. A light wind will blow from the east-northeast.