Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny Weekend with Light Rains

In the morning hours, visibility will be reduced by fog in places in the plains and valleys, but during the day, mostly sunny weather will prevail. In the hours around and after noon, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop and in many places short-term rain accompanied by thunder will fall. It will blow weak, in the eastern areas to a moderate north-easterly wind.

Weather in Bulgaria: It's getting Cold again - Maximum of 15 degrees in Sofia

After the rainy night, during the day, the precipitation will gradually decrease and in places will stop. In separate places, mainly in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, the cloudiness will break. Light to moderate winds will blow from the north-northwest, in the extreme eastern areas from the northeast.

Weather in Bulgaria: Yellow Code for Rain in almost all of the country

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology has issued a yellow code for intense rain and thunderstorms for today, May 17, for almost all of Bulgaria. Exceptions are only four districts in the north-eastern part of the country - Shumen, Silistra, Dobrich and Varna.

Serbia is under "attack" again. Appeal sent out to road users

"In Serbia today, the weather will be mostly cloudy, in places with rain and showers with thunder, with more precipitation in the afternoon and in the evening," announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute.
A weak and moderate wind will blow, strong in the Koava area, and occasionally stormy, southeasterly in the south of the Banat and in the lower Danube region.

Beer cans bear witness to animal extinction

Slovenian microbrewery Bevog and the National Institute of Biology have joined forces to raise awareness of endangered animal species. Bevog is rolling out a limited collection of beer in cans depicting animals at risk of extinction to support research of endangered grassland ecosystems with a donation to the institute.