Over 100 Wildfires in Canada: 30,000 People Evacuated

More than 100 active wildfires in western Canada that continue to grow have led to new evacuation orders, AFP reported.

About 30,000 people have been asked to leave their homes in Alberta, where more than two dozen fires are still burning.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith called the situation "unprecedented" and declared a state of emergency on Saturday.

Weather in Bulgaria: Cooling, Rain and Conditions for Hail Today

Today before noon it will still be sunny, but around and after noon over Western and Central Bulgaria, and in the evening and overnight against Tuesday and over Eastern Bulgaria, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop and there will be short-term precipitation accompanied by thunder. Hail is also possible.

Plan unveiled for regeneration of burned forest areas in Mount Penteli

Authorities on Friday presented a plan for the restoration and recovery of forest areas on Mount Penteli that were devastated by a wildfire in July 2022. The plan was unveiled by Deputy Minister of Environment George Amyras and Mayor of Penteli Dimitra Kechagia at the local municipality.

Weather in Bulgaria: Code Yellow for Heavy Rainfall Today

Cloudy weather will prevail today. In many places there will be rain showers, accompanied by thunder, and in Southwest Bulgaria they will be intense and significant in quantity. There will also be conditions for hail. A light to moderate wind will blow from the east-southeast. The minimum temperatures will be between 5°C and 10°C, the maximum - between 17°C and 22°C.

‘Sponge cities’ to be established for water efficiency

The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is planning to use a new "sponge city" concept that absorbs rain waters within the scope of water efficiency measures on a national scale.

Within this scope, ecological infrastructure and drainage systems will be created in cities, and roadsides or sidewalks will be covered with surface coatings that allow water to pass through.