Weather in Bulgaria: Cooler and Rainy Today

Today, cumulus clouds will develop and there will be brief rain showers and thunderstorms in many places.

The phenomena will be intense in places in South-Eastern Bulgaria. A moderate north-northeasterly wind will blow in the eastern regions.

Daytime temperatures will drop slightly and the prevailing maximum will be between 14 and 19 degrees Celsius, in Sofia around 15°C.

Greece’s new energy challenge

Besides its aging population, Greece's assets are also showing signs of wear and tear. The European Parliament voted this month to impose a carbon tax on both housing and transport, but statistics point to a very serious problem in the deterioration of the quality of property and vehicles in this country.

Weather in Bulgaria: Rain and Thunder Today

The cloudiness will be significant, around and after noon cumulus. There will be rain showers, accompanied by thunder in many places. The phenomena will be more intense in the mountainous regions. The wind in most of the country will be oriented from the northwest, in the eastern regions - from the southwest, it will be weak to moderate.

Interviews and press releases

Greek politicians, of all ideological stripes, are spoiled. In fact, we have spoiled them. Especially now that we have a tough election ahead of us, they sometimes forget what work they do and what work we do. "Let's do an interview, but only in writing"; "Use this title as we suggest"; "What kind of questions are these? They are very aggressive.

Weather in Bulgaria: Sun until Noon, Rain in the Afternoon

Sunny weather will prevail before noon. After noon and until midnight, mainly in Western and Central Bulgaria, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop and in some places short-term rain accompanied by thunder will fall. A light to moderate southerly wind will blow. It will warm up a little more and the maximum temperatures will be between 18°C and 23°C, in Sofia - around 19°C.

Today is International Earth Day

Today we celebrate International Earth Day. It is the largest non-religious holiday in the world celebrated by over half a billion people. Each year, the International Earth Day Network coordinates the actions of more than 12,000 partners in 174 countries aimed at protecting planet Earth and preserving life on it.