Nazi Germany

Greece to send note verbale to Germany over war reparations

Greece will soon send a so-called note verbale to Germany, repeating a long-held demand for war reparations for the crimes committed by Nazi Germany in World War II, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told parliament on Wednesday, during a debate on a relevant report presented by a House committee.

Germany rejects Polish threat to demand WWII reparations

Berlin has dismissed Warsaw's demands for paying massive World War II reparations, saying the bitter historical issue was fully resolved sixty years ago and that there are no grounds to revive it.

"Poland made a binding decision in August 1953… to relinquish demands for further war reparations," said German government spokesman Steffen Seibert as quoted by AFP.

First they came...

Have you ever heard of the poem "First they came…?" There are several versions of it, all for obvious reasons dealing with themes of persecution, guilt and collective responsibility in building a common future.

Czech TV series causes uproar, depicting life under Nazi occupation

A new series in the Czech state-owned TV channel is causing an uproar. The show portrays living conditions and dangers experienced by many people during the Nazi occupation.


In the summer of 2014 and over a course of two months, seven members of three generations of a Czech family lived a life of a different era.