Neglected diseases

The grand illusion: Local solutions for global problems

In the summer of 430 BCE, a ship from Egypt arrived in Piraeus with an uninvited guest on board: "the plague." The symptoms of this yet-to-be-identified disease - hypotheses range from typhoid fever to viral hemorrhagic fever - are described by the historian Thucydides, who was infected and survived.

Health Minister: West Nile virus under control

The West Nile virus situation is being closely monitored and is under control, the Health Minister has said.

"There is no real concern that we will see the uncontrolled spread of the West Nile virus, but the Health Ministry and KEELPNO [Center for Disease Prevention and Control] HCDCP are on alert," Andreas Xanthos told Kokkino 105.5 radio.

West Nile fatalities rise to 5 as virus spreads to Athens

The number of deaths from the West Nile virus has risen to five, it emerged on Thursday as the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (KEELPNO) confirmed that a total of 77 cases of the infection have been recorded in Greece since the beginning of the summer, 17 in the past week. 

The death toll rose following the deaths of two people, both aged over 70, in the past two weeks. 

Bigger is not always deadlier-Top 10 killers of humans (pics)

Every one knows that dogs are a human being’s best friend. But an look into the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) data might might turn that perception on its head. According to the findings, our canine friends are included in the top five animals that kill the most people! The list of creatures that kill the highest rate of human beings has some surprise entries too.