Serbia in 2021: Hostage to an Election Won and Another to Come

In 2021, Serbia's ruling Progressive Party faces being revisited by the errors of 2020.

A landslide election win in June yielded a parliament without an opposition, likely necessitating mediation by the European Union in 2021 if President Aleksandar Vucic is to head off another opposition boycott come the next election he wants held in 2022.

Coronavirus kills off neoliberalism

The responses to crises come in two phases. First, governments respond in predictable ways, consistent with how they have acted before. But then crises have a longer-lasting power, and that is to shift our thinking about what governments should do. The coronavirus is a totemic case in this respect.

MPs vote on growth bill after tense exchanges

MPs were poised on Thursrday to approve the government's growth bill, which aims to lift obstacles to investment amid protests by workers who fear that the reforms will undermine labor rights.

The vote took place following a tense debate in the House during which opposition leaders took turns in condemning the legislation while a succession of ministers sought to defend it.

Europe’s Future Depends on Reinventing its Democracies

Even if the EU and its member states have the leadership skills to weather looming storms — from a US-China trade war to rising tensions in the Middle East — the reasons for Europe's recent travails should not be forgotten.

Only through self-reflection can the EU rejuvenate its standing in Europe and the rest of the world.

Obstructed investments

In the pre-election period that Greece has entered, one hears plenty of grand declarations from politicians. Some, for instance, are about how to defeat neoliberalism, and others concern safeguarding the endangered European culture.

A cynical view of progress

Alexis Tsipras has issued a call to arms "to all those who define themselves as belonging to the progressive wing and who recognize that the great issue of our age is to avert the rise of the extreme-right in Europe and also to deal with neoliberal choices and neoliberal policies." The prime minister's effort to give an ideological slant to the pre-election period is understandable, given that

Private initiative vs self-interest

The debate between "statists" and "neoliberals" has been going on for years as if we were in another country, as if the words "private," "public" and "state" had a distinct meaning here. In Greece, though, these labels are misleading, with the result that the discussion rages around theoretical constructs which have little relation to reality.

Analysis: Did the world roll back the state too much?

Ever since the advent of the neo-liberal agenda in the early 1980s, privatization has been presented as a panacea for all economic problems. Proponents have consistently talked about the benefits of reducing government size and personnel to ease the burden on national budgets and improve the overall economy.