Death toll from bootleg alcohol rises to 30

At least 30 people have died and 20 more have been hospitalized in the last two weeks in Istanbul after consuming bootleg alcohol.

The victims, most of the citizens of Turkmenistan living in Istanbul, rubbed the toxic substance on their bodies before consuming it in an attempt to protect themselves against the coronavirus, according to the police sources.

Group calls for complete ban on drink driving

The national association of driving instructors has asked authorities to abolish limits for drink driving, claiming that driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol is dangerous.
According to Greece's highway code, it's illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.5 milligrams per liter or a breath alcohol content of more than 0.25mg/l.

A third of Greeks drive under influence of alcohol

More than a third of Greek motorists drive while under the influence of alcohol, significantly above the European Union average, according to the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine.

Specifically, according to European Commission data, 35 percent of Greeks admit to driving after drinking alcohol, 10 percent more than the EU average of 25 percent.

Thousands of laughing gas canisters seized in Corfu

Port authorities on the Ionian island of Corfu confiscated 55,400 8-gram canisters of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) on Wednesday.

According to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), the canisters containing the gas also known as "hippy crack" - as well as balloons containing N2O - were found in a warehouse owned by an alcoholic drinks trader.

Synthetic Drug Laboratory Unveiled near Sofia

Laboratory for Synthetic Drug was discovered in Radomir, the Ministry of Interior announced.
The police operation was held on February 5th. by officers of the Directorate General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, ODMWP-Pernik and RU-Radomir, under the supervision and management of the Pernik Regional Prosecutor's Office.

Tobacco Factory in Blagoevgrad Stopped Working Leaving 200 People Without Jobs

Bulgartabac factory in Blagoevgrad stops working, but there is still no clear position on whether it is temporary or not. From more than 2,000 employees years ago, currently the factory employs about 200 people. A few days ago they were told that they had to submit notices of termination on the grounds that there was not enough work, reports BNT. 

Police seize narcotics in berries sent from Brazil

Greek authorities have broken a drugs ring importing narcotics into the country as dehydrated 'superfood' berries implanted with cocaine, police said on Wednesday.

Police in Athens said they had confiscated 36 kg (79 lb) of acai berries, which could have as much as 18 kg (39 lb) of cocaine extracted from them in a rehydration process.