Neutral country

EU "looking to put pressure on Serbia"

This institution is also concerned by Serbia's military cooperation with Russia and Belarus, writes Sputnik.

The EU at the same time recommends that Belgrade "ensures greater alignment" between its own and EU's foreign policy. The European Parliament also reminds that Belgrade receives financial assistance from the EU, Sputnik said, quoting an EP report.

Greek Archbishop asks for clarifications on state's 'religious neutrality'

Greek Archbishop Ieronymos called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to clarify what his proposal to establish the "religious neutrality" of the state actually means in terms of its relations with the Church, commenting on the government's plan to revise the Constitution.

"In case of war, Serbia would be respected for its strength"

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin told this to Tanjug on Thursday.

"NATO unconditionally respects our neutrality, just as does the Collective Security Treaty Organization is (CSTO), the Russian Federation and all other countries, but one of the reasons why it is respected and why in some future conflicts it would be respected is the strength of our army," Vulin said.

Gottemoeller: NATO accepts Serbia's military neutrality

BELGRADE - NATO accepts Serbia's commitment to military neutrality, the alliance's Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller said at a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday, noting the neutrality was not an issue for NATO or an obstacle to cooperation with Serbia in many areas.