Nevşehir Province

French mission in Turkey mourns colleague killed in balloon accident in Cappadocia

The French diplomatic mission in Turkey is mourning the death of Deputy Consul Vincent Caumontat, who was killed in a hot air balloon accident in the touristic area of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia on April 9.

"This tragic loss has shaken us," said Bertrand Buchwalter, the French consul general to Istanbul, after a ceremony at the consulate building on April 10. 

An early Christian church discovered in Turkey

A team of Turkish archaeologists have found an early Christian church in an underground settlement near Nevsehir, in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.

The archaeologists have dated the church to the 5th century CE. They discovered the church in a large underground city that the scientists found in March 2015, as sci-news website mentions.