Nevşehir Province

An early Christian church discovered in Turkey

A team of Turkish archaeologists have found an early Christian church in an underground settlement near Nevsehir, in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.

The archaeologists have dated the church to the 5th century CE. They discovered the church in a large underground city that the scientists found in March 2015, as sci-news website mentions.

Ancient underground city in Cappadocia will 'rewrite history'

An underground city found in Turkey's touristic Cappadocia will "rewrite the history of the city," according to the mayor in the Central Anatolian Nev?ehir province, adding they had discovered people had permanently lived in the underground city, unlike other cities which were mostly carved into rocks for temporary protection.

In Photos: Nevşehir continues to attract tourists with newly discovered underground city

Nevşehir in Central Anatolia, which is home to the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia, continues to attract tourists from around the globe with a new addition to its list of must-see sights: a massive underground city thought to date back 5,000 years

Inns become beauty centers in the town of fairy chimneys

Three rock-carved inns in Cappadocia have turned into a mud bath facility, with the aim of creating a different tourism alternative in the region Turkey's first rock-carved underground mud bath will serve in the Cappadocia region, as local inns, which served as lemon storage facilities in the past, have been reorganized into an new tourist attraction.