New Zealand electricity market

Electricity prices for SMEs capped

After capping electricity and gas prices for the benefit of households, protected consumers and public institutions, the government has now imposed a price cap on electricity supplied to micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Under a regulation adopted by the government on 30 December, the cap will be in force for six months starting from 1 January.

Trading exchange to help reform Greek power market

Greece plans to launch a power trading exchange next year to reform its electricity market in line with European plans for an interconnected energy grid which will help cut costs and improve energy security, it said on Tuesday.

Greece's wholesale electricity market is currently based on a mandatory pool system.

'Zero sales' lead to power cut

There has been no disruption in the production of electricity. On the contrary, there has been excess electricity production. It is so high that selling electricity has become very cheap; producing and selling electricity actually results in a loss for companies. The best way to avoid losses is ?zero sales.?