WHO Director in Serbia: Extremely high probability for the second wave in the fall

"We hope that the summer will be relatively calm, but it is certainly extremely likely that it will return in the fall, and some peaks of the epidemic may even be over the summer," Ivanusa said as a guest in the morning program of RTS.
He stated that it is now much more important than before to respect measures of protection against the spread of coronavirus infection.

'Picture remains positive' in Cyprus as just two new coronavirus cases emerge

Just two new coronavirus cases were announced during the Health Ministry's briefing on Tuesday, with total confirmed cases in the Republic reaching 903.

A 72-year-old woman who carried the virus died on Tuesday, but experts said her death was not attributed to coronavirus but to underlying health conditions.

UN chief says coronavirus has sparked ’tsunami of hate and xenophobia’

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on May 8 for an "all-out effort" to end the "tsunami of hate and xenophobia" sparked by the novel coronavirus pandemic, without naming specific countries.

"The pandemic continues to unleash a tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scaremongering," Guterres said in a statement.

Total Number of Covid-19 Cases in Bulgaria Reached 1611

The total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection in Bulgaria has reached 1611, the National Crisis Staff has reported.

In the past 24 hours, 982 samples were checked and 23 new cases of infection have been registered. 10 of the people have been hospitalized. The number of recovered patients was 23.