Drastic rise: Over 45,000 cases of coronavirus patients in the United States

On Monday, 2,411 cases were registered, and now a total of 46,154 are registered.
The number of deaths increased to 29 during the day.
The United States has thus surpassed Spain by number of cases, but this European country has a problem with the high number of deaths, currently at 2.311.

Coronavirus deaths reportedly rise to 17

The death toll from the coronavirus epidemic in Greece has reportedly risen to 17 after two patients passed away in the past 24 hours. 

The two patients were a 64-year-old man who was being treated at a hospital in Rio and a 78-year-old man at the capital's Sotiria hospital, according to Skai. 

Both had been in critical condition. 

Latest on the coronavirus: Worldwide deaths exceed 14,000

More countries imposed lockdown measures as coronavirus cases across the globe ballooned, led by a sharp rise in infections in Europe. Italy banned travel within the country, nearly one in three Americans were ordered to stay home and New Zealand said it will move to its highest alert level imposing self-isolation. 

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