Bulgaria-Based US Arms Dealer Charged with Brokering Illicit Deal

US arms dealer Ara Dolarian, who lives in Bulgaria, was arrested on May 15 in Fresno, California for allegedly brokering the sale of arms and munitions to the Nigerian government without acquiring compulsory US Department of Commerce and Investment licenses, the US Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of California announced on Monday.

20% Of Women Working In The IT Sector Leave Their Work Due To Gender Pay Inequalities

According to an international study conducted by Tek Experts, a significant number of women are considering leaving the IT sector because of unfair remuneration and gender prejudices. In Bulgaria, one in five women (19.3%) is about to give up their IT career because of the gender pay gap.

Romanian sailor kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coasts is marine chief engineer from Constanta

One of the 12 sailors kidnapped Saturday morning on board of the Swiss Glarus off the coast of Nigeria is the marine chief engineer of the ship, a 60-year-old man from Constanta, according to the leader of the Free Trade Union of Romania's Navigators, Adrian Mihalcioiu.