Nikola Gruevski

Some Macedonians Praise Destroyers of New ‘Hellenic’ Plaques

Unknown perpetrators in North Macedonia have removed or smashed plaques added to several statues and monuments in Skopje - which explained that they depict historical figures "belonging to the ancient Hellenic history and civilisation and to world cultural and historic heritage".

The action occurred just one day after the authorities put them up.

Tensions Flare at North Macedonia Shootout Hearing

There were chaotic scenes at Skopje's Appeals Court on Thursday, with the defendants shouting that they do not recognise the court, at the start of a hearing to decide on whether to hold a retrial of 33 ethnic Albanians who were convicted of involvement in a deadly two-day shootout in the town of Kumanovo in May 2015.

Kezarovski: ‘I’m glad Gruevski chose Budapest, not Latin America’

The harsh sentence drew strong criticism from international human rights organisations, media unions and NGOs. After his release from prison, he spent another eight months under arrest.

His book about his experiences, Life in the Box, was first published in Macedonian in 2017 - the year Gruevski was toppled from power.