Nikolina Angelkova

Nikolina Angelkova: The Price of 70 BGN per Umbrella Is not Okay

Already with the adoption of the Concessions Act two years ago, we expressed our view that beaches should be given special attention in order to ensure transparency, to ensure management, competitiveness and safety. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova in the morning block of Nova TV.

Bulgarian Tourism Ministry Forecasts Decrease in Tourist Arrivals in the Summer Season between 5 and 8% for the Black Sea Coast

We forecast a slight decrease in tourist arrivals in the summer season of 3% to 6% for the whole country and between 5 and 8% for the Black Sea coast, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova told journalists at the National Assembly, Focus News Agency reports.

Revenues from International Tourism in Bulgaria For the First 4 Months of the Year Amounted to Nearly EUR 590 million

Revenues from international tourism for the first 4 months of the year amounted to nearly 590 million euros.

,,This is a growth of 4.2% compared to the same period last year'', Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova told the participants in the Plovdiv Economic Forum.

,,12% of the country's GDP is formed by tourism'', she added.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and the CPC with Large Scale Inspections at Sea Resorts

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelova took part in the inspection of sites in Sunny Beach offering excursions. The inspections were carried out jointly with experts from the CPC and the Economic Police on signals that an unregulated activity took place. It turned out that many of the small tourists did not offer the mandatory insurance to guarantee the safety of the tourists.

Mobile Teams of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism Will Inspect All Beaches

Mobile groups of the Ministry of Tourism will inspect all beaches along the Black Sea coast. Both concession or rental beaches and unguaranteed stripes are guaranteed, as well as free walking access. This was announced by Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova to the media in Varna.

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Opened Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference in Sunny Beach

We are opening the international forum for investing in tourism sustainability, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova said in Sunny Beach, Focus Radio Burgas reported. The reason to choose Sunny Beach was the 60th anniversary of the resort. 

Bulgaria as a Tourist Destination For Four Seasons

The International Conference for Sustainable Investment in Tourism in Sunny Beach is opened, reported NOVA TV. 

Bulgaria will participate in joint international initiatives to promote our country as a tourist destination for four seasons. This was said by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova at the resort of Sunny Beach.

Bulgarian Tourism Minister: We will be Uncompromising in the Control of Beach Areas

We will be uncompromising if it is found that tenants and concessionaires on beaches do not strictly comply with the 50% free zone requirement. In case of doubt, geodetic surveys will be made on site and in case of breaches the contracts may be terminated.

For Bulgarian Government, Tourism is One of the Main Priorities

"For the government, tourism is one of the main priorities of the management program: the executive is consistent in achieving its goal in this sector - the affirmation of Bulgaria as a year-round tourist destination," said Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova at the annual meeting with branch organizations, of local and state power, quoted by the press service of the Council of Ministers.