European Music Day | Greece | June 21

European Music Day will be extra special this year as the popular institution celebrates its 20th anniversary. Here in Greece, 48 towns, cities and other locations will be hosting more than 400 artists from different parts of the world - from full orchestras to small ensembles, solo artists and DJs - at 270 venues, from June 21 to 23.

House Speaker defends controversial Parliament transfers

Greek House Speaker Nikos Voutsis has defended the scheduled transfers of public sector staff to Parliament which were criticized by the conservative opposition Thursday as a blatant case of nepotism and corruption after it emerged that many of them concerned relatives of high-ranking SYRIZA officials.

Oedipus Rex | Athens | May 30 - September 26

Every Thursday from May 30 to September 26 the Fimonoi theater group will be performing Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex" in a production with English and French surtitles. Long considered the greatest Greek tragedy, the play features a sympathetic protagonist, a crushing climax, inspirational poetry, and a wealth of meaningful themes.

Democracy tainted

Speaking of Tuesday's attack on the Parliament in Athens, House Speaker Nikos Voutsis said that the assault "offers nothing to social struggles." But the incident in which vandals threw paint at the front of the building, an attack which was claimed by the anti-establishment group Rouvikonas, had something to offer to some people.