Nikos Pappas

Kretsos embarrasses government after new luxury yacht cruise is revealed

Straight on the heels of the political uproar over PM Alexis Tsipras' August, 2018, Ionian cruise on the yacht of the Panagopoulos shipping family, the daily Ta Nea revealed that his deputy digital policy minister Lefteris Kretsos took his own luxury cruise in the Saronic Gulf.

Shipping magnate claims PM, minister asked him to support friendly businessman

Greek shipping magnate Vangelis Marinakis claimed in a radio interview on Thursday that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas had asked him to pay the first instalment of a TV license fee on behalf of another businessman who was reportedly on good terms with the government.

Marinakis: Minister Pappas asked me to pay 26mn euros for Kalogritsas to get TV license

In a bombshell interview shipowner and Olympiacios FC owner Evangelos Marinakis today said that Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas asked him to meet with government-friendly businessman Ioannis Kalogritsas before a September, 2016, state tender for broadcast television licenses, and that Kalogritsas went to Marinakis' office  to ask for a 26mn euro loan so that he could acquire a license

The poison in the Costa-Gavras case

Whether or not we like Greek-French director Costa-Gavras, his movies or the topic of his new movie "Adults in the Room," based on the book by former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, the process through which filmmakers can obtain state funding in Greece (via cash rebate) is based on numbers and percentages rather than in-person meetings.

Costa-Gavras film on Varoufakis account of 2015 talks with creditors gets grant

The official government website, Diavgeia, has published a decision by Media Minister Nikos Pappas to grant funding of nearly 630,000 euros to Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras for a project based on a book by Greece's controversial former finance minister.

Tsipras cuts loose from top minister via government spokesman

After a barrage of press reports about the relationship of PM Alexis Tsipras' right-hand-man, Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas, with a Cypriot lawyer for offshore companies named Artemis Artemiou and with a childhood friend of his who acted as intermediary between the government and the state-owned DEPA gas company and convicted felon and businessman Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, Tsipras is showi