Hollywood Actress Nina Dobrev Promotes Bulg-Air-Ia (VIDEO)

First, see it before you find out more about the new video with Nina Dobrev:

"Many of you may have known me from sitcom Fam or the Vampire Diaries series, but until recently I did not realize that I was not made to play in prestigious teenage drama or in studio films, no, I have to make videos about the safety of Bulgarian airlines. "

Actress Nina Dobrev is in Bulgaria for Christmas

Hollywood actress of Bulgarian origin Nina Dobrev is in our country.

This is clear from the photos posted on the Instagram profile of the actress.

She has shared moments from the family celebration and has marked Sofia as a location.

In the pictures Nina is with her mother, her father and her brother, and around the table are other members of the star's family.

Monkey Bites Nina Dobrev in Bali

Bulgarian-born Nina Dobrev was attacked by a monkey while she was on holiday on the Indonesian island of Bali, the actress revealed.

Dobrev, who rose to fame after starring in the Vampire Diaries, tried to pet the animal, but it her thumb, according to the website

The incident left her thumb with a scar, and its nerve was severely damaged.