NOAA Weather Radio broadcast routine

Weather in Bulgaria: Some Rain and Sun Afterwards can be Expected with Max Temp 11°-16°C

Today by noon from the northwest the precipitation will quickly stop, the clouds will break and decrease, in the afternoon over many areas until sunny. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty Victoria Kleshtanova from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).

Weather in Bulgaria: Mostly Sunny with Max Temperatures Between 25° and 30°C

At night it will be clear and almost quiet. In the morning, visibility will be reduced in some places. The minimum temperatures will be mostly between 10° and 15° Celsius. Today it will be mostly sunny. In the afternoon from the west the clouds will increase and in the evening in the extreme western regions it will rain.

Weather in Bulgaria for Upcoming Weekend - Sunny and Hot

By the end of the week, the weather will follow its typical summer rhythm - with little clouds, more significant in some areas in the afternoon hours and with temperatures in the range between 27 and 32-33 C.

On Friday, there will be conditions for insignificant short-term afternoon thunderstorms in the southwestern regions.