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Weather in Bulgaria: Sun Breaks Through Clouds, Gets Warmer

It will be mostly sunny today, occasionally turning cloudy in the afternoon. Visibility will be lower in the morning in some places in mountain hollows and lowlands. Light to moderate wind will blow from west-southwest. Day temperatures will be rising and highs will reach 4°C- 9°C, national weather service reports.

Weather in Bulgaria: Still Cold but Getting Warmer

Atmospheric pressure is rising and during the day will already be higher than the average for the month.

It will be sunny with more clouds over the northeastern regions. Light west-northwestern wind will rise to moderate in northern Bulgaria. Maximum temperatures will be between minus 3°C and 2°C, according to the national weather service forecast.

Bulgaria: Weather Today

Today, the rainfall in the eastern regions will quickly stop, clouds will break starting from southwest and replaced by sunny weather. Even before noon, the wind in the whole country will be blowing from west-northwest and will be moderate to strong, but by the evening it will weaken, according to a reference on the NIMH website.

Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny and Quiet

 The weather remains mild and almost quiet.

Mostly sunny weather is expected in the southern regions and above the mountains.

In the northern regions and along the Black Sea coast it will be cloudy, in many places with fogs. Visibility will temporarily improve around noon. Rain showers are expected along the Black Sea coast.

Rain is Expected in the Afternoon - Maximum Temperaturеs Will Reach 21°

Cloudy weather will prevail today. By noon, mainly in the mountainous areas, and in the afternoon in many places in the country there will be rain, in some places with thunder. A light to moderate wind, will blow mostly from the north. It remains cool, with maximum temperatures between 16° and 21°, according to the NIMH forecast.

A Cold Front Will Bring Rain and Thunder in the Afternoon

Before noon over most of the country will be sunny. In the northwest the clouds will increase. In the afternoon and until midnight a cold front will come in places mainly in Western and Central Bulgaria - short rain with thunder is expected. Before noon a moderate southwest wind will blow, in the afternoon in the western half of the country the wind will be oriented from the northwest.