National Red Cross Society Chair Margareta urges people to be calm, rational amid coronavirus pandemic

Chair of the National Red Cross Society, Margareta of Romania, has urged people to calm and reason amid an increasing number of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, pointing out that that together we are a force capable of overcoming this health threat. "We are all disturbed by the rapid spread of this condition, unknown so far.

Internationally-acclaimed musicians to perform in royal charitable concert

The Royal Charitable Concert, one of the longest living and most successful fundraising events in Romania, will bring to the stages the Romanian Athenaeum on October 25, soprano Cellia Costea, tenor Teodor Ilincai and the Romanian Youth Orchestra, conducted by Gabriel Bebeselea.

Toplofikatsiya Sofia Stops Hot Water in Several Metropolitan Districts on Monday

"Toplofikatsiya Sofia" reminds its clients that from May 13 (Monday) to May 20, 2019, (incl.) heating will be stopped in  "Mladost-1", "Musagenitsa", "Darvenitsa", Studentski Grad, and Vitosha districts  and for all residences of Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. as well. 

Helicopters and Military Planes will Fly at a Low Altitude above Sofia

In the next three days, in connection with the preparation and holding of the military parade on the occasion of the celebration of the Bulgarian Army Day and the Feast of the Bulgarian Army, helicopters and airplanes of the Air Force (Air Force) of the Republic of Bulgaria will perform flights flying at a low altitude above Knyaz Alexander I Square.

Greek-British cooperation in education

The recent visit to Greece by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was a significant moment in the long and turbulent relations between Greece and the UK, as very few high-ranking British officials have visited our country in recent decades. So the visit by the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom was of great historical and symbolic importance.