Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics

Athens Metro: The map of the new extension to Ilion

Ten years after the delivery of the last major extension of Line 2 of the Athens metro, which today connects Anthoupolis with Ellinikon, a new esxtension is on the way. Attiko Metro yesterday turned the hourglass of the tender for the extension to Ilion with approximately 4 km of new line and three new stations.

Census reshuffles political pack in constituencies 

With the completion of the recent population census, 14 constituencies are changing seats. 

More specifically, as a result of a population increase in the respective regions, Eastern Attica gets two extra seats, while the North, West and South sectors of Athens and the first electoral district of Thessaloniki each gain one seat, by presidential decree. 

Hungary’s Foreign Policy Puzzle

"Orban is intoxicated by his own success," sighs Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, a former Hungarian state secretary and ambassador, referring to the governing party's landslide election victory. "Frankly, given the current situation, I expect his rhetoric to get even sharper, with no signs of changing his pro-Russian and anti-EU line."