Nord Stream

Revealed: Warning from Serbia; That will mean war and we will respond

After the sabotage of Nord Stream, Hungary and Serbia warned the international community that any endangerment of the gas supply system from the Russian Federation would be considered a casus belli, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated in a conversation with American journalist Tucker Carlson.

Democracy Digest: Caputova Opts Not to Seek Re-election Leaving Field Wide Open

Meanwhile, parliamentary speaker and Sme Rodina leader Boris Kollar rarely speaks about his family, but was forced to address the issue on Wednesday after one of the mothers of his 12 children by 10 wives, Barbora Richterova, accused him of beating her up in 2012 while on a holiday in Florida.

A major twist: Russians after all?

As Tomislav Krasnec writes for Veernji list, the destruction of the Nord Stream has turned into one of the biggest geopolitical mysteries, and a series of several theories that have been leaking into the media for the past two months, and all the squads refer to unnamed sources referred to the investigation, has been joined by a new theory.