North Kosovo

Kosovo Deploys Police as Serbs Protest in Licence Plate Dispute

The authorities deployed special police units on Monday morning in Serb-majority northern Kosovo after hundreds of Serbs blocked roads near the Jarinje border crossing point and in the municipality of Zubin Potok in protest at the government's decision to make them use Kosovo vehicle licence plates instead of Serbian ones.

Kosovo Serbs Furious About Jailing of MP for ‘Ethnic Hatred’

Serb judges in the town of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo refused to work on Wednesday in protest after MP Ivan Todosijevic was convicted of ethnic, racial or religious intolerance for his comments about the January 1999 massacre of 45 Kosovo Albanians in the village of Racak/Recak, which he claimed was staged.

Kosovo Arrests Three Suspects for Attack on Serb

Kosovo police have detained three people over an attack on a young Kosovo Serb in the northern part of the ethnically-divided town of Mitrovica on Tuesday morning.

Police said that one of the suspects who was arrested, identified only by the initials E.A., is a Kosovo Albanian who is on the wanted list to serve a prison sentence, news website KosSev reported.

Documents' leak: Britain's secret plan for permanent separation of Kosovo from Serbia

This proves once again that Britain cannot resist straining its neocolonial muscles, reports Kosovo Online, reported by Keith Clarenberg, an investigative journalist who investigates the role of intelligence services in shaping policy and perception.

Kosovo Serb Party Re-Elects ‘North Kosovo’s Real Ruler’ Radoicic as VP

Members of the assembly of Srpska Lista, the Belgrade-backed Kosovo Serb party, on Tuesday re-elected Goran Rakic as president and Milan Radoicic as a party vice-president by unanimous decision. The assembly also elected Igor Simic and Dalibor Jevtic as vice-presidents.

BIRN Fact-Check: What Progress Has the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Made?

Since the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue was resumed in the wake of Kurti taking office as Kosovo's premier earlier this year, there have been no improvements in relations and been little or no progress in implementing agreements already made over the past decade of negotiations.

Vučić: "The ratio of Serbs and Albanians is 1:15. That says enough" VIDEO

The President of Serbia said that today is not an easy task before us and that it is not the time for excessive expectations or expectations that are not in line with the reality around us.
"We will have to continue to address it responsibly with a strategic view of the future and awareness of how we want to leave the country to our descendants," he said.