North Kosovo

Kosovo Move in Car Plates Row Aims to ‘Expel Serbs’ – Vucic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic condemned the Kosovo government's latest decision about licence plates for Serbs living in northern Kosovo, claiming its goal is "to expel Serbs, especially from the north of Kosovo and Metohija". He said Kosovo's goal was "to make a new Storm", referencing the Croatian army operation in 1995, codenamed Storm, that forced most Serbs to flee Croatia.

BIRN Fact-Check: What Will the Serbia-Kosovo Energy Deal Achieve?

Secondly, the Kosovo authorities will have access to the Valac/Vallaq substation, an important part of the country's power grid that is located in a Serb-majority municipality, and other energy infrastructure that Pristina was not able to access previously.

Serbs to pay bills to Serbian company

German "stick-and-carrot": What did Scholz say to Kurti but not so directly to Vučić?

The first great Balkan assignment of the new German Chancellor was successfully performed: both Vui and Kurti came to Berlin.
These are politicians, as Deutsche Welle writes, in whose hands is the solution of the currently biggest political problem in the Balkans - the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Kosovo to Replace Blocked ‘Smuggling Roads’ in Serb-Majority North

Kosovo Interior Minister Xhelal Svecla told MPs on Friday that alternative routes will be constructed in the Serb-majority north to enable citizens to move freely, without needing to pass through Serbian territory, while illegal roads used for smuggling remain closed.

Armed ROSU special forces in North Mitrovica VIDEO

The vehicles are stationed near the eastern bridge that divides South and North Mitrovica, and members of the ROSU are armed with long barrels. The situation is calm at the moment.
Namely, this morning, the Kosovo Police announced that the vehicles of the border police in the village of Zupe in Zubin Potok were shot at.

Concern over ‘Uncontrolled’ Security Cameras in Serb- Dominated North Kosovo

There are two close to the bus station in North Mitrovica, several in Zvecan and others in a village of Zubin Potok.

But while, by law, security cameras directed at public streets should be the sole responsibility of Kosovo's police force, dozens observed by BIRN in three Serb-majority municipalities in the country's north are not apparently under anyone's control.