North Kosovo

London doesn't want UN Security Council to discuss Kosovo

According to the daily Vecernje Novosti, London has made such a decision "because it believes that the situation in Kosovo is good and there is no need for it."

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says this turn of events was expected, and that the UK is "obviously not interested in the Serbian position."

"To us, this is a clear message," Dacic told the Belgrade newspaper.

There will be no partition, says Thaci

Thaci said after the meeting in Pristina on Thursday that he was concerned about their rights not being respected, but that they cannot be a part of a legally binding agreement with Belgrade.

"There will be no partition of Kosovo, and a legally binding agreement after the end of the dialogue will be signed between two independent states," Thaci told a press conference.

"Partition means war," says Kosovo PM

Namely, the Kosovo prime minister told RTV Dukagjini that a partition "means war."

"A partition for me means war, I say it without hesitation and it is risky to talk about a partition," Haradinaj said, referring to the issue of "exchange of territory, that is, a partition of Kosovo" which the report said "Lufti Haziri brought to the public."

US ambassador changes tune: Now partition can be discussed

This statement contradicts the ones he made earlier, when he described partition as a dangerous option.

Delawie was taking part in in the Pristina-based KTV broadcaster's Rubikon show, and did not mention his country's red lines on a partition of Kosovo that he pronounced in December. He also said that US support for Kosovo's independence is "unshakable, and will continue."

Thaci is discussing Kosovo's partition, says MP

According to Ilir Deda, Thaci has no legitimacy to lead the process of dialogue.

"When someone discusses partition of Kosovo, the society needs to mobilize," UNMIK's Media Observer quoted him as telling Pristina-based newspaper Zeri.

He added that "no decision can be taken on Kosovo's behalf without running them through the Assembly first."

Kosovo Serbs Want Belgrade to Run Education, Welfare, Health

Leaked documents that BIRN has seen reveal that Kosovo Serb stakeholders that the team tasked to draft the controversial statute in Kosovo on the Association of Serbian Municipalities consulted believe the statute should allow the education and health sectors to remain reliant on Serbia.