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Serb mayors in Kosovo "plead with Vucic not to give up"

They plead with Vucic "not to give up the fight for a just, compromise and sustainable solution for KiM (Kosovo and Metohija)" with a message that abandoning this fight would represent "the greatest historical defeat of the Serb people in recent history" and at the same time "the greatest victory of the enemies of the Serb people and their domestic cowards."

President addresses Serbs in Kosovo in open letter

In it, Vucic calls on Serbs in the province not to react to any possible provocations and targeted misinformation, and points out that Serbia is ready today to fulfill its obligations toward them and protect their lives and peace, if necessary.

The full text of the letter:

"Respected citizens of Kosovo and Metohija,

Dear Serbs,

Thaci's 'Corrections' Call Raises Spectre of Kosovo's Partition

Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaci, has startled his countrymen and women - and angered some opposition parties - by issuing a series of equivocal and mixed messages on the subject of ethnic partition.

While denying the possibility of ethnic land "swaps" with Serbia, Thaci at the same time has called the inclusion in Kosovo of ethnically Albanian areas of southern Serbia "realizable".

Serb Recruitment to Kosovo Police 'Not Decreasing'

Despite reports that Serbs have been asking to leave the Kosovo Security Force amid an upsurge of political tensions between Belgrade and Pristina, the number of Serbs who want to join the Kosovo Police remains similar to 2014, the force said.

Kosovo Police told BIRN that in 2014, over 5 per cent of applicants were Serbs, "while this year there was around 5 per cent (4.91 per cent)".

Kosovo President Accused of Planning Land Swap with Serbia

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci came under fire from his political opponents after he said on Wednesday that the ongoing Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will include talks on "the correction of borders" - a phrase which his critics claimed actually meant the exchange of land and the partition of Kosovo.

London doesn't want UN Security Council to discuss Kosovo

According to the daily Vecernje Novosti, London has made such a decision "because it believes that the situation in Kosovo is good and there is no need for it."

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says this turn of events was expected, and that the UK is "obviously not interested in the Serbian position."

"To us, this is a clear message," Dacic told the Belgrade newspaper.