Northern Europe

Berlin declines to comment on Greek plans for 'floating fence'

The German government has only heard from reports of the Greek government's plans for a floating fence to secure its maritime borders against migration and does not wish to make any comment, German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert said on Friday.

Seibert pointed to a statement by the European Commission on this issue, noting that it came under its purview.

Brnabic: Goal of reforms to improve quality of life for all

OSLO - On the second day of her visit to Norway, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic met with Norwegian FM Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide, noting that Serbia was exceptionally appreciative of Norway's support for implementation of reforms in Serbia, which she said were aimed at improving the quality of life of all women and men citizens and at accelerating the EU integration process.

USA To Deploy 6,000 Troops in Europe

The USA will deploy nearly 6,000 troops in Europe this winter, announced the US Department of Defense.

The additional anti-tank brigade that will be sent to Europe numbers 4,000 troops. The USA will deploy an additional 1,750 troops with the 10th mountain division.

Earlier, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter stated that the additional anti-tank brigade will arrive in February.

Sweden to Remilitarise Baltic Island in Response to Russian Activity

Sweden plans to station troops on the strategic Baltic island of Gotland, as Russia has increased its military activity in the region.

Permanent military presence has been absent from Gotland, which is Sweden's largest island, for a period of ten years, the Financial Times reports.