Novi Sad

Vucic proposed cancellation of all SNS pre-election rallies

The proposal includes a large gathering in Novi Sad and a final rally in Nis.
The reason is the health of the citizens, because President Vucic did not want to endanger the condition of the population in any way, especially because a large number of people are expected at the pre-election rallies of the largest party in Serbia.

Media: Lawyer Petronijevic and Judge Pekovic brutally assaulted in Vracar

According to the media, Petronijevic and Pekovic were in the garden of a cafe in Vracar and were attacked for no reason at around midnight by a group of hooligans who had previously made noise and shouted at passers-by, sitting in a cafe right next to the restaurant where Petronijevic and Pekovic were.

Vucic visits construction site of Belgrade-Budapest Railroad VIDEO

"This magnificent construction site is a symbol of Serbia's overall progress! Construction works on the Cortanovci Viaduct represent the largest railway construction site in all of Europe," Vucic wrote on Instagram profile.
He said that with certainty in October next year we will be able to travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad in half an hour (25 minutes fast train).

Highly protected system in Serbia - electronic school diary - crashed?

The exact cause is unknown, and as the paper states, there was suspicion of so-called DDoS hacking attacks, which simulated too many inputs, so the system "crashes".
Another possible reason is that the system cannot support the large number of teachers' inputs who, at the end of the semester, enter grades and arrange documentation.