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Most Greek Firms in Bulgaria Are 'Ghost Companies' - Survey

Three out of four Greek firms currently based in Bulgaria exist only on paper for tax-evasion purposes, a survey by the University of Bristol, cited by English-language Kathimerini, shows.

"Of the 14 000 Greek-owned enterprises in the neighboring country, only 3000 are actually active," Kathimerini says, citing the data.

Maxim Behar Urges Fundraising Campaign for Bulgaria's Hitrino

Bulgarian PR expert and Novinite founder Maxim Behar has called on businesses in Bulgaria to launch together a "Donate 1000 for Hitrino" campaign, in the aftermath of an incident that left seven people dead and several dozen injured.

Behar, born in the town of Shumen which is minutes away from Hitrino, has made the pledge on Facebook.

Serbia 'Mulls Fence along Bulgaria, Macedonia Borders'

Serbia considers setting up fences along its eastern borders with Bulgaria and Macedonia to stem an influx of migrants from the two countries, Focus News Agency reports, citing local media.

The development is seen as a scenario that could be triggered by a Turkish decision to open its borders to Europe-bound migrants from the Middle East.

Bulgaria 'Did Its Job' on Migrant Crisis - Serbian PM

Bulgaria did its job with regard to the inflow of migrants on the Turkish border, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said at a media conference on Monday.

But he first gave credit the effort of joint patrols along the Serbian-Bulgarian border that also include Slovak, Czech and Hungarian officers.

Bulgaria Ranks 46th in Bloomberg's Healthcare System Index

Bulgaria is among the countries with the least efficient healthcare systems in the world, data published by Bloomberg shows.

Out of 55 countries studied by the Bloomberg index, Bulgaria has dropped by three spots compared to its results in 2009 (the index ranks countries as of 2014).

Two years ago it had the 46th most efficient healthcare system, while in 2009 it ranked 43rd.