Nuclear power

EU Audit Office to Unveil Report on Kozloduy N-Plant Funding

The European Court of Auditors is set to publish its report on the use of EU funding by Kozloduy Nuclear power plant (NPP) in northern Bulgaria.

The document is to establish what progress Bulgaria has made in decommissioning the units and managing the radioactive waste. It will also contain a forecast about whether the funding disbursed will be sufficient.

Work starts on two new Iran nuclear reactors

Russian and Iranian firms began work on Sept. 10 on two additional reactors at Iran's nuclear power plant on the Gulf coast at Bushehr, the project manager said.

The plant has been a bone of contention with Iran's Gulf Arab neighbors, even after a deal limiting its nuclear ambitions was signed with major powers in July last year.

Turkish energy minister calls for environmentalist groups to protest Armenian nuclear plant

Energy Minister Berat Albayrak has said environmentalist groups should protest an old nuclear power plant in Armenia if they really want to protest nuclear energy, in response to activist groups and scientists who have opposed Turkey's efforts to build a nuclear plant at Akkuyu in the Mersin province. 

Unit 5 of Bulgaria's Kozloduy Nuclear Plant Shut Down for Planned Repair

A unit of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Bulgaria has been switched off to undergo repair, plant officials have said.

The repair is scheduled to go on until mid-May. Unit 5 will then be loaded with new nuclear fuel.

Currently, Unit 6 is working at full capacity under all safety arrangements.