Nuclear weapons

North Korea Continues to Make More Nuclear Bombs

North Korea has continued to produce bomb fuel while in denuclearization talks with the United States and may have produced enough in the past year to add as many as seven nuclear weapons to its arsenal, according to a study released just weeks before a planned second summit between the North Korean leader and U.S. President Donald Trump, Reuters reported.

Putin revisits nukes: Yes, this will be global catastrophe

"Yes, this will be a global catastrophe for the world."

"As far as this issue is concerned, I should note that it's extremely important and sensitive. I want to tell you so that the international community knew this. Our plan on the nuclear weapon is to use them as a response measure," Putin said.,according to Sputnik International, and added:

Putin boasts of ‘invincible‘ nuclear weapons

Russia has tested an array of new strategic nuclear weapons that can’t be intercepted, President Vladimir Putin announced on March 1, marking a technological breakthrough that could dramatically increase Russia’s military capability, boost the Kremlin’s global position and also raise Western concerns about a potential renewed arms race in the 21st century.