Nude art

The story of modernization in Turkish painting

'Bare, Naked, Nude,' a new exhibition recently opened at Istanbul's Pera Museum, includes academic studies of 44 artists from different periods Istanbul's Pera Museum is presenting a new exhibition titled "Bare, Naked, Nude: A Story of Modernization in Turkish Painting" which sheds light upon the development of nude painting in the modernization period of Turkish art

Why women go naked in music video clips… It’s not just about the money! (nude music vids)

Sexual gratuity reigns supreme in the music video world. Some would say that its all to just grab attention as women show flesh for publicity. But Rose McGowan, the latest woman to go naked in a clip says that there’s more to it… “I believe in civil disruption,” she told online magazine Nowness.

Bad teacher probed after exposing boobs to HS students

Newport News police are investigating a Virginia high school teacher who reportedly showed several students before and after snapshots of plastic surgery on her breasts that she had enlarged.  Melissa Kidd, aged 34, had been probed in late-March when they had been told that the Woodside High School teacher had shown “obscene photographs”.