New rules for beachgoers

With a growing number of people expected to head to Greek beaches after the lifting of the lockdown, health experts recommend a distance of three meters between sunbeds, which should be disinfected after use.

Greek beaches among cleanest, report shows

Ninety-seven percent of bathing sites monitored last year in Greece were found to have excellent water quality, according to a report by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA) published Thursday.
The annual report monitors bathing sites across the European Union that meet the "most stringent quality standards for water cleanliness."

The storied evolution of the woman's bathing suit

In 1907, Annette Kellerman appeared on a Boston beach wearing the world's first one-piece bathing suit for a woman. The 20-year-old Australian athlete was arrested on indecency charges even though the suit was extremely modest by modern standards. Yet the fact that it had short sleeves and stopped mid-thigh was considered provocative at a time when the sight of a lady's ankles was risque.

Meet the couple that travels the globe nude! (photos)

Nick and Lins, a couple in their 30s, travel around the globe relieved of any item of clothing. They record their experiences and “adventures” from their travels in their personal blog called “Naked Wanderings”. They often share their “naked” travel moments, mostly on beaches, through their Twitter profile.

Live streaming nip slip for sexy Latina weather girl goes viral (video-photos)

Solci Perez, 23, is the sexy weather girl for Argentina’s sports channel TyCSports. The blonde beauty recently had a wardrobe malfunction while doing a live stream via Instagram. In front of her 1.7 million followers, hot Sol, who was wearing a black swimsuit tried to come closer to the camera and adjust her low cut. But her bra shifted offering revealing her nipple to her followers.

Nudists on 'Dolphin Beach - Worried Due to the Cameras Mounted This Week From the New Tenant

From this week nudists are worried about the cameras  mounted on the famous Dolphin Beach, reported bTV. 

In the words of holidaymakers, they are aimed precisely at the free zones. Some of them worry that cadres can be used for child pornography, for example.