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100 People are Fighting the Wildfire in Southern Bulgaria

The wildfire near villages of Bryagovo, Rodopi, and Lyubenovo in the south Bulgarian district of Haskovo, engulfed nearly 8,000 decares of land, half of it with deciduous forest.

Some 100 people, including firefighters, forest officials, and military, are taking part in the efforts to extinguish the fire.

Wildfire continues to rage in Evia, smoke reaches Athens

A large wildfire fanned by strong winds burned tracts of pine forest on the Greek island of Evia, firefighters said on Tuesday, with evacuation ordered of two villages in the path of the flames.

Wildfires raged uncontrolled in at least four other Greek regions, and the fire brigade said it had been called to put out 182 fires in the last three days.

Fate and progress

The two biggest wildfires to have hit Greece so far this summer season were both uncomfortably familiar: The first was started by a faulty power cable and the second at a rubbish dump.

Firefighters tackle blaze on Mount Hymettus

Firefighters try to extinguish a wildfire burning container boxes with telecommunication and radio equipment on Mount Hymettus, near Athens. Some 141 firefighters aided by five firefighting aircraft and five helicopters fought the blaze that started after midnight in the city's eastern suburb of Paiania [Kostas Tsironis/EPA]

Mural project brings joy to Mati

It was a summer afternoon when we took a ferry to return from the island of Andros to the port of Rafina last year. On the way back in the car we noticed what we thought was a beautiful sunset. However, after turning on the news, we realized that "the beautiful sunset" was actually a wildfire happening in Mati, close to the port of Rafina.

A year since deadly Mati blaze, wounds remain open

A burnt swing hangs in a playground following a wildfire at the village of Mati, near Athens, July 25, 2018. A year since Greece's deadliest wildfire tore through coastal towns near Athens, killing 102 people, the road to normalcy for its survivors is long and dotted with burned down homes and barren land. [Reuters]