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The Sudden Heat Wave Affects us Badly, just for a Day 40 People Passed Out Sofia

40 people have passed out because of the heat in Sofia since the morning, said Emergency Aid. There are no reports of fatal cases so far. In the words of Emergency Response Speaker Katya Sungarska, high temperatures are not so bad as the sharp change of weather. Emergency teams urge everyone, especially people with chronic illnesses, not to go outdoors during the warmest hours of the day.

Mother of wildfires' youngest victim dies of her injuries, bringing official toll to 88

The 35-year-old mother of the six-month-old baby who died of smoke inhalation during last week's wildfires - the youngest victim of the tragedy - passed away in the early hours of Friday morning.

Margarita Dionysioti was being treated for injuries sustained during the blaze in the intensive care unit of the capital's Evangelismos hospital.

Video shows people swimming out to sea to escape blaze

A video has emerged showing dozens of people swimming out to sea to escape the wildfires that ravaged the seaside resort town of Mati, east of Athens, a week ago.

The video was uploaded on Facebook.

Late Sunday, fire officials raised the death toll to 91 and reported that 25 people were missing. 

Greece wildfires: People filmed taking refuge by the sea

A new video has emerged, a week after the deadly wildfire that hit eastern Attica, showing crowds of people huddling by the sea to escape flames and smoke from the blaze.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by 902.gr.

On Sunday, fire officials raised the death toll to 91, adding that 25 people were missing.